Teams learn and grow best when they feel safe, engaged and empowered. 

AsiaClass believes in a data-driven, people-first approach.

We use data to understand the issues, and then with intentional and approachable workplace learning, our trainers help you find solutions that work for your people. Whether it’s nurturing a growth mindset, getting your team members engaged or developing strong leaders, we help you achieve visible and tangible results for your people and business.

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70% of workers in East Asia considered a job change in the past year.

In the wake of the Great Resignation, are your talent managers able to hire and retain the right people? AsiaClass will work with you to develop Recruitment and Retention Strategies – by helping your people find alignment with your organisation’s goals, and creating a healthy workplace culture that supports your people in achieving their career goals. Let’s build your dream team together today!
my job!"

Is your organisation suffering from "silo mentality"?

Are your teams talking to each other? Are they working well together? Is your organisation’s culture affecting your bottom line?

We’ll help you identify the causes of your cultural challenges, and then we’ll help you create the culture you want – through developing strong communication skills, collaborative leadership coaching, or Culture Creation Lightning Decision Jams (LDJs) – to help your teams achieve their best potential, together. Let’s build your dream culture together today!

Is your organisation building strong leaders for the future?

Are your people equipped with the right skills to step up and lead? AsiaClass will work with you to identify which leadership traits/qualities you want to develop for your teams, then we tailor solutions – through peer group sharing, respectful leadership coaching, or mentoring – to help you develop the leaders you need in your organisation. Let’s build your strong leaders together today!

Are your teams feeling disengaged?

Business units with engaged workers have 23% higher profit compared with business units with miserable workers. -Gallup 
We’ll help you identify the root cause of disengagement, and tailor solutions that work for you and your teams – through team bonding, peer group sharing or coaching. Let’s get your teams engaged together today!

How equipped are your teams for the Future of Work?

In this digital age we live and work in, innovation is imperative for business growth. At AsiaClass, we believe change begins with people. Let us help you help your teams see the WHY behind your transformation strategies, so that they can work with you on the HOW – through our Design Sprints and Lightning Decision Jams (LDJs). Let’s equip your teams for the Future of Work today!



Jeffrey Ong led diverse groups, from management to executive levels, through a structured & well-paced process of coming up with the values and beliefs that are essential for our organisation and that resonate with all employees.

Jeffrey did a great job facilitating - trying to get people engaged, and clarifying any questions.

Our trainers provided great insight.

It was a good seminar, especially the interactive role play. I really liked the informative and interactive session.

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