About Us.

Who We Are.
AsiaClass is a strategic human resource consultancy providing a platform where everyone can learn from the industry’s best.
What We Do.

We create impactful change and learning cultures. We provide solutions & courses that are relevant and practical for your organisation’s business success.

AsiaClass has the personalisation of a consultancy with the efficiency and reach of a platform!

Our Goal.

Our goal is to help businesses and individuals upskill, be empowered (and empower others), and grow sustainably.

Why Asia Class?

We understand that addressing your organisation’s issues might sometimes feel like an insurmountable challenge. From finding the right partners, working out the solutions, to executing them – and all at the right budget.
AsiaClass’ clients have felt the same way.
Having worked with us, they’ve found that they didn’t have to figure it out alone.
AsiaClass has worked with them, tailoring effective and workable solutions for them.
And we can do the same for you.

Our AsiaClass trainers have in-depth industry knowledge. We understand the critical business challenges of today:

Recruitment & Retention
Culture of Working in Silos
Leadership Gaps & Succession Planning
Innovation Challenges
Disengaged Teams

We have the solutions that will Upskill and Empower your people, and Grow your business profits.

We work with you to identify the problem

We help you design and develop the solution

We implement solutions and provide ongoing support

Our Core Team

AsiaClass’ core team has an average of 20 years of glocal experience to help businesses tackle a myriad of challenges, including new problems in the region that many are not yet able to understand or address.
Lum Ying Mei
a data-driven strategist whose expertise lies in people-centred design and business tech transformation strategies.
Transformation Strategist
Jeffrey Ong
a people-focused facilitator who brings out the best in his clients & a connector who creates win-win solutions for all business stakeholders.
Facilitator & Connector
Yvonne Chow
a client-focused project manager & coordinator who facilitates learning and growing by making projects & events happen – from start to end!
Project Coordinator
Transformation Strategist
Facilitator & Connector
Project Coordinator

Together, we have a proven track record in guiding companies to:
Grow the potential of your people and future leaders
Transform companies for greater performance and profits

Get in touch with us to Grow Your People & Profits today!